16 Piece Wooden Vegetable and Fruit Toy Set

Rs. 1,799.00
Size: 25*20*10
Color: Multicolors
Material: Wood

The fruit and vegetable set consists of various kinds of vegetables like brinjal, carrot, tomato, onion, Banana, mushroom etc. The kids can pretend to cut in the cutting board and make a salad out of it.

  • Learn Through Play: The fruits and vegetables can act as a vendor's crate at the farmer's market, a fruit basket kept in the dining room, or a vegetable basket in the kitchen. The simplicity of the wooden toys in an automated world helps in role-playing social skills. This fun and minimalistic set of fruits and vegetables contains a beautiful array of wooden pieces that help nurture your child's learning ability. Teach your child the names of the various vegetables and fruit and interactively use the soft wooden knife to separate it as you would a real vegetable.
  • 16 Piece Vegetable and Fruit Set: The playset includes a variety of fruit and vegetables- apple, carrot, tomato, pear, onion, watermelon, banana, and more. The wooden knife and cutting board keep the child busy in cutting fruits and vegetables to prepare their favorite dishes. 
  • Material: The vegetable and fruit set is made of naturally processed wood and painted with eco-friendly water-based colors. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching. The crate is also crafted the same way. The edges of all the pieces in the set are soft and smooth, providing a safe playing experience for the child.
  • Product Details - For product size, kindly check the images. Weight - 1.5 Kg
  • Recommended Age: 3 years to 9 years