Aabhar Patra

Rs. 1,995.00

Gratitude is a deep and genuine feeling of thankfulness towards everything and everyone. Gratitude is one of the noblest virtues and the superior most form of prayer. Nurturing a pure and deep feeling of Gratitude within and finding opportunities to express them can bring about an incredibly powerful and positive shift in our internal energies

Aabhar' means gratitude and 'Paatra' means vessel.

Aabhar Paatra is a medium for us to go deep within over-selves and experience gratitude in its purest form.
It helps us to acknowledge all the 'gifts of life', feel grateful and express gratitude for them.
Chiseled out of naturally seasoned teak, Aabhar Patra has beautiful, laser-cut leaf designs on each of its sides. It comes with a jute bag containing multi-colored handmade flowers. Sturdy and enchanting , Aabhar Paatra not only reminds you to be grateful every moment but also adds beauty and grace to the place where it is kept.

How to Use:

1. Bring your focus on all the good things and happenings in your life. These could be as simple as your flight reaching on time, finding a suitable parking space in a crowded market place or an delicious meal that you relished. On the other hand , these could be bigger blessing like your family, your profession, your health etc.

2. For each of these, take flower in your palm and feel genuinely thankful. Gently place the flower in the Aabhar Paatra, with utmost love and gratitude.

3. All family members can take out some time daily to feel and express gratitude.

4. Besides finding newer reasons to be thankful, you can express your gratitude for the same things over and over again; being thankful for your meals.

Conscious Feel Practice: Gratitude

Material: Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood

Weight: 0.290 GMS

Dimension:16 x 16 x 7 CM

Designed By: White Light Elements