Activated Charcoal Soap

Rs. 350.00
Product Type: Soaps & Bath Salts
Material: Activated Charcoal

PaNee Handmade Soaps are made entirely from natural ingredients and contains no chemicals, preservatives & surfactants. It does not contain any artificial fragrance or colorants. It is gentle on the skin and provides the natural health benefits of its natural ingredients.

PaNee Handmade soap also contains natural glycerin, an effective moisturizer which is normally removed from commercial soap.

Product details: 

Charcoal, it is said, draws impurities and toxins out of the skin, helping to relieve acne and other skin problems. Your skin is a living organ that has pores of its own. These pores, and the skin's permeable membrane, allow chemicals and toxins to pass both into and out of your body.

Acne has many possible causes, including blocked pores, dirt and bacteria on the skin's surface, excess sebum, or oil, and poor diet. Applying activated charcoal to your skin, it is claimed, will remove detritus from your skin's surface and can even extract toxins from beneath the skin.

This soap is formulated with Cedar-wood, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Essential Oil. Cedar oil is thought to aid in clearing acne and rashes. It is also believed to have a balancing effect on both dry and oily skin.

It is thought to regulate the secretion of sebum, Eucalyptus oil, a stimulant, removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness and rejuvenates the spirits of the sick whereas Lemongrass oil is a natural astringent, minimizing pores and firming the skin.

Recommended for: Normal to Oily Skin.

Ingredients: Personified oils of Olive, Coconut, Rice Bran, Palm, Castor, Sesame, Activated charcoal, Cedar-wood, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Essential Oil

Shelf life: 2 yrs from date of manufacturing

Storage and handling : Store in Cool and Dry place.

Weight : 0.100 gms

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