Affirmation Stitch Kit - Affirm Create Manifest

Rs. 2,220.00

The principle of positive affirmation leans on the fact that the mind is so influential and persuasive that what it thinks, says and repeats is followed and miraculously conquered. The Affirmation Stitch Kit aids us in the process of ‘affirming with attention, faith & persistence and while we do so, we end up creating something beautiful that will be valued and treasured.

This kit consists of 2 wooden panels, along with a set of 8 colorful threads and 3 needles. These panels have an affirmation engraved in the center and a border around it. Stitch this border using the materials provided.

How to Use: Slide the needle through this border and with each stitch; repeat the positive affirmation (in your mind or aloud) with mindfulness. Do this till the entire pattern is complete with supreme focus and utmost faith and feel the difference.

Conscious Feel Practice: Visualization & Affirmation.

Material: Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood

Weight: 0.120 GMS

Dimension: 13 x 13 x 0.5 CM

Designed By: White Light Elements