All Natural Barbados Cherries & Kanthari, Sweet & Spicy Pickle

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Product Type: Pickles & Sauces

Buy all natural barbadose cherry and kanthari on online which is free from chemicals

Barbados Cherry & Bird's Eye Chili Sweet Pickle.Made with barbados cherries and bird's eye chilies that are organically grown without any pesticide or chemical sprays. Oilless and made without vinegar, this pickle is a sweet and spicy one that bursts with flavor, with it's unique combination of two exotic fruits.

The pitted Barbados cherries and piquant bird's eye chilies that are carefully hand picked, are mashed and blended so that the flavors compliment each other. This tiny fruit is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, especially vitamin C. This tiny berry is supposed to be a super food with 150 nutritive constituents!

Serving suggestions:Enjoy with rice, biriyani or roti, or use as a sweet and spicy chutney for dosa and idly.A perfect compliment for mashed or baked potato and sweet potato.Wonderfully compliments boiled cassava.Stir it in your the barbecue glaze for a sweet and spicy flavor.

Use as a condiment for your roast and grills.Combine with mayonnaise, and use as a spread on your burger and grilled sandwich.Grab a pizza base, glaze with this and add your favorite vegetables, and it's done. Extra seasoning is not required.A perfect dip for your pita bread, papad and tortilla chips.

Ingredients: Pitted fresh Barbados cherry, Birds eye chilli, sugar & salt.Storage & Usage: Keep it refrigerated, as it does not contain any synthetic preservatives.Always use a dry spoon to take out the pickle from the bottle.Please ensure that the lid is fastened after consumption.

Material: Made with Real Fruits.

Ingredients : Barbados cherries, Kanthari (Bird's Eye Chilli), Sugar, Salt.Contains no added colors, flavors, preservatives or taste enhancers. No irradiation.

Weight: 0.150 Gms

Made by: The Earth Reserve