All Natural Grape & Sweet Lime Preserve

Rs. 255.00
Product Type: Pickles & Sauces

Buy all natural grape and sweet lime preserve on online which is free from chemicals and adulteration

The Earth Reserve's Grape and Sweet Lime Preserve is defined by its fruity presence, thick consistency and a beautiful purple hue. The flavors and colors are all natural. This homemade wonder does not contain any added chemicals.

Storage & Usage: Keep it refrigerated, as it does not contain any synthetic preservatives.Always use a dry spoon to take out preserve from the bottle.Please ensure that the lid is fastened after consumption.

Material: Made with Real Fruits.

Ingredients : Grape, Sweet Lime & Sugar.Contains no added colors, flavors, preservatives or taste enhancers. No irradiation.

Weight: 0.150 Gms

Made by: The Earth Reserve