Annular Concrete Incense holder & tea light combo

Rs. 1,899.00
Clean and minimalist design inspired by the gentle ripple in the water. An incense holder is helpful in keeping collecting the ash that burning incense sticks leave behind.
Each of these products is handmade so no two pieces are exactly the same. Concrete is made from natural products and so can leave imperfections in the final product such as blemishes and air bubbles.
We always attempt to minimize these but this is part of the beauty and natural characteristic and stand out quality of the raw material.
The dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly. Each product may be slightly different in depth and finish due to the nature of the casting process.
Each item is slightly different in color, shade, and pattern from the picture as all products are handmade so no two pieces are exactly the same
Note: Accessories shown in the picture are not part of the product listing.