Bambaiya Chaat Bars Chocolate

Rs. 250.00
Product Type: Enegy Bar

Included Jaggery, Your Snack Pack - Balanced Meal, Gluten Free, Zero Cholesterol, High in Fiber and Protein.

No more sacrificing the taste for good health! Yes we have just got what you had dream of every time you had a craving for the roadside Chaat. Eat Anytime Bambaiya Chaat energy bar has just fulfilled your prayers and brought to you the taste of Bambaiya Chaat along with the goodness of health and hygiene.

Why EAT Anytime Bars:

Rich Source of Dietary Fiber
Rich in Protein
Source of MUFA and PUFA
No Added Sugar
Zero Cholesterol
Zero Trans-fat
Low GI
Improves Gut Health

Ingredients : Oats, Peanuts, Roasted Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, wheat flakes, Quinoa seeds & Pumpkin Seeds

Note : E.A.T. Bambaiya Chaat Bars - Pack of 6, 240g