Berry Blast Energy Chocolate Bar

Rs. 250.00
Product Type: Enegy Bar

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The awesome taste and healthful antioxidants of our berry blast energy bar will leave your taste buds mesmerized and your body rejuvenated.

This bar will enlighten your senses and refresh you after a long meeting or a hard workout.

The goodness of berries combined with wholesome ingredients like quinoa, oats and power of seeds is a treat to your body and mind.

A great favorite with kids, this bar is a solution to all sweet cravings with a boost of health.

Why EAT Anytime Bars:

Rich Source of Dietary Fiber
Rich in Protein
Source of MUFA and PUFA
No Added Sugar
Zero Cholesterol
Zero Transfat
Low GI
Improves Gut Health

Weight : 228 gm

Note : E.A.T. Berry Blast Energy Bar (Pack of 6)