Birthday Loves Print - Shikha

Rs. 1,499.00
Product Type: Art & Print
Material: Acrylic
Colors: White

Wordomama Personalized Birthday Loves Print - Shikha

Have been wondering what is the best way to make your loved one's birth more memorable. We have found a solution for all your memories.

Birthday Loves print, is the print specially made for the people you know better than themselves. It records all the things he/she likes from the food to the gadgets, from loveliest to silliest things along with their age and birthday.

This makes it a perfect gift for someone,  decoration and wonderful way to keep the memories recorded.

Print Details: 

  • Please use the appropriate blanks to feed a particular information.
  • All the text would be added as it is as given
  • We keep the same font, so make sure given information fits the size
  • Please choose the colors as per your requirement, Only the color in blue can be changed, rest remains the same.
  •  We will send you a digital design before the final printing. Approve it as soon as you receive it.

Paper material : We use good quality paper which 200gsm and acid free

Framing: Comes with white wooden frame. 

Print Size 12 x 16 (inches)