Chalkboard- Space to express

Rs. 2,630.00

Communicating freely is the best way to keep relationships alive. Be it friends or family, relationships are the healthiest where there is room for free-flowing, genuine, unbiased and non-judgmental expression of thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, today’s life keeps us connected with the whole world, while shrinking the scope of communicating with our own loved ones.

Communicating and expressing regularly is vital for maintaining and strengthening meaningful relationships. What’s even more important is quality of communication that we get into. Often, we take a lot of things for granted and assume that they were meant to be that way. If we observe, we rarely express thankfulness, forgiveness, appreciation, prayers or love towards others. It’s important to note that it is not always about our words; but also our deepest feels that exist when we express ourselves.

The Chalkboard is a channel to keep the communication alive. And lively too! Made of reclaimed teak, it comes complete with a chalk-holder and a set of colorful chalks. It has cherry buds that are hand-painted on it.

The board can be placed or hung at a convenient place where all members of the family or colleagues at work can express themselves freely. Importantly, it ensures that we remain only in positive feels and modes while expressing ourselves. It is a medium that directs our thoughts towards the good things, before they’re expressed as words.

How to Use:

1. Put up the chalkboard at a place where it is convenient to write on
2. Whenever you see it, think of a reason to express your sincerest feeling out of the following – thanking, forgiving, appreciating, praying or loving (the board humbly reminds you about these too…!)
3. Feel how your energy uplifts when you bring yourself to these modes.
4. Pick up a chalk, and express yourself! You’re sure to smile while doing this ;)
5. Let your ‘expression’ be there, visible to everyone around at home/work
6.With what you write on the board, you could create special moments for the ones around you too.

Conscious Feel Practice: Family Togetherness

Material: Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood

Weight: 0.510 GMS

Dimension: 24 x 1.5 x 31.5 CM

Designed By: White Light Elements