Community #5 - Miniature Home Concrete Knobs

Rs. 5,499.00
Product Type: Door Knob
Material: Concrete
Colors: Grey

Concrete Knobs by Material Immaterial Studio.

Community living has been the nurturing fountain across generations, eras and nations. But as our world expands, these humble abodes pave way for large more luxurious condos and apartment towers. Preserving these memories in time would be a true tribute to the abundant life in these communities.

ENSEMBLE is a series of unique concrete homes that can be arranged together forming a community, which will adorn your cabinet shutters. Concrete lends the pieces its unique grey color, the distinctive smooth texture and also provides the requisite strength for them to function as handles.

As one interacts with these homes on day to day basis, the collection is bound to evoke fond memories of community style living of the bygone era and a certain sense of nostalgia.

Care Instructions: Material :

MIM studio uses a high density, high performance custom concrete mix which is resistant to weathering. As concrete is a composite material, each piece will be slightly different in terms of color and texture and pores. Over time concrete products will undergo slight efflorescence. This natural occurrence can be mitigated by frequent use. Furthermore in time concrete items will become darker as they interact with moisture and air.

General Handling :
Avoid storing our products in humid or wet environments since water will penetrate the pores of the concrete and weaken its structural integrity. Although we use dense mix concrete, chipping is possible when the product makes contact with certain hard surfaces.

To avoid chipping please handle the product with care and place them on soft surfaces. Our Concrete items do not require any special maintenance. If dry dusting use clean fiber cloth.

Size: Single (WxDxH) – 75mm x 75mm x 50mm

Weight: Single piece: 330 gms

Note: This collection is a set of four Miniature Home Concrete knobs.

Designed by: Material Immaterial Studio