Concrete Cracker Barrel Planter

Rs. 749.00
Product Type: Planters
Material: Concrete
Colors: Grey

Our minimalist concrete designs aim to celebrate distinctive style and flexibility through versatile usage. This exquisite work of art is individually designed and hand-poured with lots of care and compassion.

It may contain slight irregularities in color/texture/Air bubbles as is concrete's natural characteristic and this beautiful tactile quality is what makes Eliteearth concrete designs a unique treasure to convene.

Subtle,classy and evergreen is what our “Eclipse collection” all about . Neutrals are always classy and ever in vogue.. Just pick n place anywhere in and around your home… and give your greens a lovely home..

Enjoy your lovable plants in this new and trendy plant pot. Green plants around you always reduce stress and increase the joy in your life. Invite these beauties into your home or garden today and you will surely become the envy of all your friends!

Care Instructions: Concrete is a fragile product, avoid jerk. Wipe dry with damp towel. This product is not food safe. Refrain from products used for direct consumption.

MATERIAL :- Concrete


PLANTER (Inches, LxWxH) :- 4*4*2

TRAY (Inches, LxWxH) :- 4.5*4.5*.75


Designed By: Eliteearth