Dhyan Matsya - Tuning Into Abundance

Rs. 19,500.00

Dhayan Matsya is an exquisite piece of art inspired by the age old Pichwai.
Pichwai is a traditional art form which originated in Deccan India and is practiced mainly in the ares of Nathwara and Auragabad. The were conventionally used as a means to narrate tales of Krishna.

Dhyan Matsya is made on a beautiful frame made out of Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood. It consists of more than 90 fishes, beautifully carved out of teak wood and stitched on a cotton silk patch of cloth. Its beauty is magnified by its uniqueness and vibrational qualities.

It is extremely durable, naturally resistant to shrinking, warping and decay regardless of weather conditions, owing to its dense grain and natural oils. Teak is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too!

How to Use: Dhyan Matsya is used to spread positive vibrations and luck through the repetition of its core element- Fish. Fish is repeated all along Dhyan Matsya in a pattern that resembles the flow of life. Sync your breath with each fish as you move your eyes along the artwork and feel more connected to yourself...

Just like simple mediation which, through focusing on your breath helps you come to awareness and brings a sense of calmness; visual meditation through simple recurring images of the Fish, brings in discipline and focus that further helps you come to awareness.White Light Elements promises a life-changing experience and a life full of miracles through its conscious feel practice.

Conscious Feel Practice: Vibrational Blessings

Material: Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood

Weight: 2.860 GMS

Dimension: 51x 51x 5.7 CM

Designed By: White Light Elements