Doll House Play Set | Multicolor DIY Wooden Doll House with Furniture

Rs. 5,899.00
Product Type: Toys and Games
Colors: Multi
Material: Wooden

The Multi color DIY Wooden dollhouse set is an easy-to-use, fun playhouse set that entertains your child and teaches them life lessons, such as the importance of family time, personal hygiene, cleanliness, organization, and organization and so much more.

Your child can recreate home scenarios, or they can also add something into play such as a doctor's kit, tea set, or animal toys – the possibilities are endless. When children recreate real-life situations, slowly but surely they learn valuable life and social skills, including empathy, communication, and problem-solving.

Role-playing with this dollhouse will promote your child's organizational, classification, and fine motor skills. It will also automatically teach children how to use their own creativity and intelligence. 

The tiny furniture, decorations, accessories of this dollhouse are excellent ways for a toddler to build fine motor skills further. When your child decorates this masterpiece, his or her creativity will be stimulated.

Size: 50×41.5×29.5 cm

Material: Wooden