Dream Wheel - Visualize~ Emotionalize~ Energize~ Actualize

Rs. 2,400.00

Dream Wheel…What you focus on, you attract!
The concept of the Dream Wheel is correlative to the Law Of Visualization which states that focusing on positive or negative thoughts leads to attracting positive or negative experiences and influences in life. The Dream Wheel proposes the power of manifesting a dream/thought by visualizing, emotionalizing, energizing and actualizing.

The Dream Wheel is cylindrical shaped with a wooden base. The top has a knob which can be unbolted to insert the piece of paper with the dream/thought. The knob is designed in a way which makes it comfortable and suitable for spinning.

How to Use: Note down the dream/thought in a piece of paper and fold it neatly. Put this folded piece of paper in the Dream Wheel and Energize it (spin it gently with full awareness and mindfulness). While you spin the wheel, ‘visualize your dream, feel it and live it!’ Close your eyes while you do so, take a deep breath and believe in the fulfillment of the dreams and experience the miracle of Visualization.

Conscious Feel Practice: Vizualization & Affirmation.

Material: Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood

Weight: 0.250 GMS

Dimension: 11 x 11x 13.5 CM

Designed By: White Light Elements