Fyre 2.0 - Medium [White]

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Fyre 2.0 - Medium [White] by Rayden Design Studio

‘Light’ is at the center of our very being. To see is to believe. The brightest of the flames can light up infinite darkness. Fyre 2.0 is an ode to see all the bright places. We bring forth a series industrially crafted in fine marble and brass; two materials that define stability and elegance. Fyre 2.0 is a series with an amalgamation of composites, with smooth visual and tactile quality that fit just right for your home. Launching in three sizes, each versatile in its purpose of serving as a tea light, as a tall candle light for cozy evenings or just an elemental presence to make one feel uplifted!

Material: Brass and Marble

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 120 (mm)

The two components in this product require distinct care. Kindly wipe the stone body with a non-abrasive cloth, so as to avoid any scratches on the surface. Please use a soft cloth to wipe the brass stand. Incase of occurrence of patina on the brass surface, kindly use Brasso or any other brass-cleaning agent to restore its color.