Ganesha's World Eco Gift Bag - Green

Rs. 149.00
Product Type: Gift Bag
Material: Cotton
Colors: Green

Ganesha's world eco gift bag from Clean Planet.--

At Clean Planet, we’d been mulling over a paper and plastic free festive season.

Perhaps it’s divine intervention that this fabulous eco idea struck us! Our giftbags are more eco than plastic and more durable than paper.

Easily re-usable, these bags are perfect for wrapping your gifts of love along with the blessings of Lord Ganesha and the power of Om.

This festive season, share the joy and blessings, and gift green with Clean Planet’s Eco giftbags.

Special features:

The re- usable gift bag is more eco than plastic and more durable than paper. 

Height 30.5 cm
Width 25.5 cm
Weight 0.25 kg
Material Cotton
Wash Care Gentle hand wash, light iron. (do not iron directly over the print)