Incredibly Swachh Potli Bag

Rs. 99.00
Product Type: Travel Kits & Pouches
Material: Cotton
Colors: Black

Best Quality Products by Clean Planet.

The Swachh Citizen bag is your travel companion to dispose litter while on-the-go in the absence of a bin. Sturdy, smart and waterproof, the Swachh Citizen bag is fold-able and easy to carry.

As you travel through busy Indian streets, use the bag to store things you want to discard later – tickets, wrappers, small bottles, fruit peels etc.

Once you find a bin, empty the bag and earn good karma for keeping the country clean. The coolest way to go Swachh is the smart Swachh Citizen bag that folds up to fit into a pocket.

Each Swachh Citizen bag comes with a cool invitation cum wrist band. Wear the band and show your support for a Clean India or invite your friend to join the movement.

Click a picture and share it along with your views using #SwachhCitizen.

Care: Hand rinse with water. Use soap if necessary.

Size: 10”x 13” inches

Material: Water-proof material

Print: Contemporary screen print.

Designed by : Clean Planet