Lavender & Turmeric Infused Natural Glycerin Soap

Rs. 345.00
Product Type: Soaps & Bath Salts
Material: Oil Based

Hand crafted with natural ingredients.The natural glycerin moisturize the skin and Promotes skin rejuvenation.The powerful antioxidants present in lavender essential oil slows ageing. Rich with anti bacterial and anti septic property of turmeric.

The pure essential oil in it helps to relax and clam down the nerves.Free of synthetic lathering agents. Creates gentle from silicone, ethoxylates, petrolatum, phthalates MEA, DEA ,TEA, Mineral oils, sulfates, phosphates. Free of synthetic colors and synthetic fragrance.

Material: Saponified pure natural glycerin,essential oils of Rose ,Lavender and Turmeric.

Weight: 0.100 Gms

Made by: The Earth Reserve