Magnolia flowers Swaddle

Rs. 899.00
Product Type: Swaddle Set
Material: Organic Cotton
Colors: White

Swaddle your little one with these 100% breathable muslin to imitate the warmth and security of your womb. Swaddling soothes the babies helps them feel calm and sleep better. 

Wrapping them gently and containing their limbs in these softest swaddles prevents unnecessary wake-up's caused by a baby's startle reflex. This means they will be less likely to startle themselves awake with their flailing limbs. 

Once they out grow these swaddles, you can use them as nursing covers or stroller covers too and as towels when they become toddlers. A multi purpose use of one product.

  • Dimensions : 47" x 47"
  • GOTS Certified Organic cotton
  • For Babies and Toddlers