Marigold Green Tea

Rs. 500.00
Product Type: Green Tea

Available in loose leaf as well as  tea bags in a tin. No artificial color, no added flavor, natural ingredients.

Our tribute to the iconic marigold, a symbol of celebration and festive joy. Imagine a brew carefully braided with three equally enchanting flavors: Marigold, Lemongrass, and goodness of organic green tea.

Popular as wedding favors, this would be tea equivalent of walking into the colorful Indian wedding and bonding with long lost friends.

Special Feature :

Perfect to improve digestion and compliment your detox regime.
Taste notes are refreshing, balmy and floral. 

Weight 0.5 kgs
Properties Improve digestion and adds to your detox regime
Style Tip Sip it with gulab Jamuns, Baklava, Rice crackers
Special Care Store in moisture proof and dry place