Moroccan Beldi Soap

Rs. 760.00
Product Type: Soaps & Bath Salts
Material: Oil Based

Handmade Soaps Made by Good Soap.

Moroccan Beldi Soap, traditional skin softening treatment, comes directly from the famed hammams of Morocco.

Scented with Eucalyptus essential oil, and naturally rich in Vit E, this gel like soap is made from saponified olive oil and can be used as a cleansing treatment or body masque.

"Beldi" means "traditional" or "authentic" in Moroccan. Use it to soften skin prior to exfoliation with a mitt.

Material : Eucalyptus EO, Olive Oil, Vit E

Weight : 0.150 gms

Days to Dispatch : 7 Days

Made by : Good Soap