Organic Pan-fried Green Tea 50 gm

Rs. 260.00
Product Type: Green Tea

"One bud and two leaves" are carefully plucked by our experienced tea pluckers which are then pan-fried to produce this signature TeaGraft Green Tea.

At Chah Bari, we pick the best tea leaves from our garden which curls into perfect eyebrow shape when pan-fried. Linger in the sweet aftertaste of our signature green tea which has a light smokey flavor. This tea when brewed produce a light green color.

Steps To Brew : Boil water at 70-85°C, add 2 gm of Organic Pan-fried Green Tea in a cup & pour 200 ml water on tea and let it brew for 2-3 minutes. Cover the lid during infusion.

Get 2 reusable teabags free with every order and a free cup worth Rs. 250 on purchase of Rs. 500 and above.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea

Weight: 0.50 gm

Made by : Tea Graft