Shaolin Shoe Men & Women Ankle Length Socks

Rs. 350.00

Comfortable & Breathable material.

Tube style socks for size flexibility.

Shaolin shoe is our translation of a spectacular looking artwork that fuses a part of a traditional culture and some beautiful colors splashed together.

Shaolin shoe is inspired from the interlacing of the ancient leg wraps used by Shaolin monks. You don’t need to learn Kung-Fu to feel like a Shaolin warrior anymore.

Our every product is made with precision and is carefully crafted so you get a premium product and enjoy wearing it. Shaolin shoe is made out of extremely breathable fabric that snugly fits your feet. Try it to trust it.

Care Instructions : 

  • Machine wash (on gentle cycle) / Soak
  • Avoid bleaching
  • Socks will Last Longer if you keep them out of dryer
  • Hang to dry.

Size (India/UK Shoe Size) 

Small:  Women – 4, 5, 6 and 7

Small:  Men – 6 and 7

Large:  Men & Women – 8, 9 and 10

Features :

  • Elastic arch support

  • Ribbed ankle

  • Seamless toe closure

  • Comfortable & Breathable material

  • Tube style socks for size flexibility

Material : 75% Polyester, 8% Elastic, 15% Spandex and 2% Nylon

Weight : 0.200 gms

Designed by : Dynamocks