Tea Flowers - Flower of the tea plant 30 gm

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Product Type: Tea Flowers

The tea plant or Camellia Sinensis flower blooms once a year in the fall just before the tea plant goes for winter hibernation. The tea flowers are delicate and are plucked carefully from the tea plant by skilled pluckers.

This flower is completely caffeine free even when it grows in the same tea plant and is a great substitute for tea. Tea flowers is a very delicious, relaxing tea with smoothness and sweetness in every note of it. This tea when brewed gives an earthy and vegetable flavor and beautiful lemon color.

Steps To Brew : Boil water at 85-90°C, add 2 gm of Tea Flowers / 3-4 flowers in a cup & pour 200 ml water on tea and let it brew for 2-3 minutes. Cover the lid during infusion.
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Ingredients: Camellia Sinesis flower/Tea flower

Weight: 0.50 gm

Made by : Tea Graft