Tomato Basil Soap

Rs. 350.00
Product Type: Soaps & Bath Salts
Material: Oil Based

PaNee Handmade Soaps are made entirely from natural ingredients and contains no chemicals, preservatives & surfactants. It does not contain any artificial fragrance or colorants. It is gentle on the skin and provides the natural health benefits of its natural ingredients.

PaNee Handmade soap also contains natural glycerin, an effective moisturizer which is normally removed from commercial soap.

Product details :

Tomato is considered to be a super food and is one of the rare ingredients that gets better with cooking, instead of losing its properties. When used on skin, tomato has numerous beneficial effects.

Firstly, it is a powerful antioxidant. Tomato Basil soap nourishes the skin cells and repairs damaged ones. It fights inflammation processes and can even be used on dry, irritable skin. Tomato juice cleanses the pores and shrinks large pores effectively which otherwise are quite noticeable and are prone to clogging.

Tomato Basil can be of great help for skin prone to acne and blackheads. Its juice is slightly acidic, yet it works against inflammation, so even sensitive skin types can use it. That acidic juice helps with balancing the pH values and reduces skin oiliness. When used regularly, Tomato Basil will reduce the acne outbreaks and clean the pores from clogging dirt and dead cells.

Tomato reduces damaging effects of the sun, but it also helps with soothing the sunburns.! People have used tomato juice as a skin lightener for ages, since it brings a healthy glow and youthful appearance. And while we are talking about youthful skin, researches show that tomato stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for elastic and healthy skin, free of wrinkles.

Basil in this Tomato Basil soap tones the skin and gives a make-over to a dull-looking skin. Basil is also great for insect bites and against itching. The fragrance itself is considered to be soothing and a great stress-relief. Enjoy a 5-10 minute bath, breathing in the Basil essence to get rid of headaches.! Tomato Basil soap is a great, multi-functional blend of healthy benefits for the skin, and even for the nerves. Get the toned, younger looking skin, complexion free of pimples, blackheads and spots and banish the damaging free radicals.

Recommended for : All Skin Types.

Ingredients : Fresh Tomato juice, Personified oils of Olive, Coconut, Rice Bran, Palm, Castor, Sesame, Kaolin clay,Titanium dioxide, french green clay and Basil and all spice-essential oil.

Shelf life : 2 yrs from Mfg. Date.

Storage and handling : Store in Cool and Dry place

Weight : 0.100 gms

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