Tuberose & Ylang Ylang showergel

Rs. 289.00
Product Type: Shower Gel

Gentle on the hair and scalp, this mild, non corrosive formula can be used everyday.?
Pure essential oils of ylang ylang and Tuberose in this natural shampoo combine to give a soothing, calming fragrance that helps in relieving stress and aids in relaxation while bathing.

This cocoa butter ?enriched natural shampoo gives clean, healthy hair with each wash. Gently and effectively washes off the dirt and grime from the scalp and hair without causing skin corrosion.

The essential oil helps strengthen the hair root, keeping it healthy.?

Material: Distilled water, Coco butter, Glycerin,sodium, lauryl sacrosinate polyquat 7, Essential oils of Tuberose, Jasmine & ylang ylang.

Weight: 0.100 Ml

Made by: The Earth Reserve