Vanilla Black Tea

Rs. 800.00
Product Type: Black Tea

Available in loose leaf as well as  tea bags in a tin. No artificial color, no added flavor, natural ingredients - 100gms

A premium dessert tea that is as sinful as it is healthy. This is a unique blend of two tea varieties from the north and south of India: the robust Assam and the delicately fragrant Nilgiri. Combined with real vanilla beans, the complex flavors of this tea merge beautifully to yield a naturally sweet and aromatic brew. If you thought vanilla was plain, well, think again.

Special Feature :

Perfect for those post-meal times when you crave something sweet.
Taste notes are full bodied, sweet and caramel. 

Weight 0.5 kgs
Style Tip Goes well with chocolate mousse and more chocolate.
Special Care Store in moisture proof and dry place