Watr Glasses (Set of 2)

Rs. 1,890.00
Product Type: Jugs & Pitcher
Material: Copper

Copper Watr  Glasses (set of 2), available by Rayden design studio.

An exercise in abstraction, these smart creatures are envisioned with utility to fulfill your crockery needs in a luscious garden, a prim terrace or a modest balcony.

Soak them in Sangria or the humble lemonade, they are sure to look elegant.

Material : Copper

Dimensions : 70x70x90 mm

Weight : 0.5 kg

Water embodies what it occupies. Rayden’s Watr range celebrates this fluidity that remembers all it touches.Inspired by the ebb and flow of water, these products venerate the traditional Indian proactive of employing copper vessels to store and purify water. Harking back to simpler times, Watr brings back faint but fond memories of that sweet coppery goodness. Watr reminisces ephemeral memories of an old tradition, bringing them to us in a dapper, young avatar. Dream again of your childhood, the little cousins and the large gardens. Pour yourself a glass of Watr.