Wooden Cookie Blender Set | Pretend Play Kitchen Blender Set for Kids (3+ Years)

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The wooden blender set helps your little one to explore new levels of role-playing that improves self-learning ability. The child can create a fun scenario and host baking parties with their friends and family using this special cookie blender.

The entire set, including the mixing bowl and serving trays, are made of premium wood and painted using kid-friendly water based colors. Children would love the toy when they realize that their little hands could run a wheeling blender machine and make their favorite cookies out of it. All tools in the wooden set fit perfectly into the hands of little children who are taking their tiny steps into the real world.

The pretend play set will help children to socialize with their friends and family and experience the joy of sharing food with others. Engaging in making cookies using a rolling pin and flour helps the child engage in an entertaining activity and helps in brightening up their innovative thinking skills.

Size: 14.5×15×8.5 cm

Material: Wooden