Your dog with his traits- PRADA

Rs. 999.00
Product Type: Art & Print
Material: Acrylic
Colors: Yellow

Personalized Labrador Portrait with his distinctive qualities

Cherish your bond with your loved one with these fun and interesting Art print. Get them Customized with his Name and Traits. This comes as gift for both of you, no matter who orders it :)

How to order:

a) Write down 5 traits of your best pal which best describes him. Go through our designed art prints for suggestions
b) Upload a picture of your pet, if required else you can choose the one from the given template
c) We will send you a digital design before the final printing. Approve it as soon as you receive it.
d) For any change in color, please add a special message.


made from 200 gsm paper, acid free

Print Size A3